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Writing Power Dynamics for All Ages

Associate Director Jane Gilmore shares a game in which students imagine an exchange between two animals, and then write the exchange as though the animals are people vying for power.

Dolores Huerta for 4-7 Students

Teacher Consultant Susan Seyan gifts us with her unit on American labor leader and civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez.

A Touch of the Poet for 8-12 Students

Associate Director Marty Brandt shares his "A Touch Of The Poet" blog post, a lesson that beautifully moves students from the nostalgia of "Once" to the hope of "Someday." This lesson is representative of the brilliant work Marty does in his recently released book, Between The Commas.

Argument Writing: Write about your favorite book for K-2 Students

Teacher Consultant Jennifer Baumgartner takes us through her process for teaching argument writing to students in grades K-2.

Person I Admire for 4-7 Students

Teacher Consultant Brandy Jenson honors Jonathan and shares materials for writing speeches about people students admire.

Confessional Poetry for 8-12 Students

Teacher Consultant and poet Raven Sisco takes us through her confessional poetry unit.

Encouraging Literacy for Parents

Teacher Consultant Jamie Koo shares her series to help parents support literacy development for all grades while sheltering in place.

TwitLit Adventure for K-7 Students

Associate Director Jane Gilmore shares her TwitLit Adventure Story lesson this week in an activity that works for ALL ages K-Adult!

When Your Heart is Broken: Using Literacy to Heal for K-3 Students

Associate Director and writing teacher extraordinaire Aeriale Johnson kicks us off with a week's worth of curriculum exploring how we can use the power of poem and song to heal.  Her lessons feature readings from Maya Angelou,  Matt de la Peña, and Randy Newman among others.  Although she designed this with a K-3 audience in mind these lessons could be easily modified for any grade.  As an added bonus you'll get introduced to one of the most powerful primary grade blogs out there!

Writing Comics with K-8 Students

Teacher consultant and Co-Director of our Writing Workshop River Brown takes our youngest writers through the process of writing and drawing comics while using music for students to time themselves through the process.  As River says, this exercise is "for all ages, but children are the BEST cartoonists!" 

6 Second Stories for 4-7 Students

San Carlos School District Teacher Consultant Jay Richards walks us through his process for writing 6 second stories with middle school students.  These personal narratives hone in on very small but impactful moments of our lives.  Imagine the inspiration students can draw from this moment in time!

View Jane Gilmore's "Writing Heroes" >>

These Days Matter Pt. 1-3 for 8-12 Students

East Side Union High School District Teacher Consultant Todd Seal reminds us of the importance of high school students writing as witnesses to this period of history.  He provides a new writing prompt and text for each day of the week, and uses students' personal experiences as a launching point for writing.

View second lesson >>

View third lesson >>

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