Writing Workshop

July 6 - July 10, 2020 and July 13 - July 17, 2020

Two-week program with an option of attending only Week One*.

*Students only attending one week of Writing Workshop must sign up for Week One)

During both weeks, students attend a morning workshop and a different workshop in the afternoon. Please make your choice for two workshops during registration.

Workshops are a creative community engaged in the process of writing. They offer students time, choice, creative exploration, and discussion. They are led by excellent teachers who listen, care, and are able to coach students to develop their writing. In two weeks, students write a lot!

Students choose their writing projects, and enjoy time to sketch, draft, rewrite, and review work with peers as well as confer with teachers. Workshop challenges students to lift the level of their work with models and mentor texts. Teachers encourage students to use a variety of formats and show them strategies for writing for the real world.

On the first Friday we have an author visit and on the second Friday parents are invited after lunch to visit classrooms and enjoy student work.

Students bring a snack and a lunch.  Recess is supervised outdoors on the attractive SJSU Campus.


2020 Classes

San José State University

July 6-10 and 13-17, 2020

Exploring Op-Ed (Must register for Week 1)

What young people have to say counts. Write about topics that matter to you for real audiences. Join the running conversation in local or national news, on trending blogs, or popular media.  The summer of 2020 will be filled with debate over health, climate change, the economy, race , and many more civic conversations. People have the ability to solve many problems, and sometimes we need to be convinced.

This two-week workshop on Op-Ed includes reading, discussing, writing and publishing creative opinion pieces* in your choice of format

  • podcasts 

  • photo essays

  • film clips

Would you like to play a part in informing others about how people can begin to reverse global warming? We will view and read engaging op-ed pieces on solving the climate crisis. Also, discover what you think of the latest artificial intelligence applications. We’ll read text-sets and talk. In addition to exploring science writing, you may use op-ed formats to address social justice topics that interest you. Your words matter. 

You will learn argument moves and sharpen your ability to hold a reader’s attention. As an op-ed writer, pod-caster, or film maker, you will aim for presenting a clear, engaging opinion for the general reader, using either your expertise [research] or your unique experience with a topic. Experiment with your voice and sense of humor. Learn how to revise to press your opinion home, how to effectively counter arguments and develop your journalistic writing style. 

Students are encouraged to bring an iOS device or laptop for research and production.  Paper notebooks will be provided for planning, notes, quick-writing, lists, etc.  

Jedi Writing Academy

Want to become a Jedi Master of writing? Now you can with the help of Mr. W's Writing Workshop. You will learn strategies that will help you tap your inner creativity force and become a master of your hidden writing talents. 

Yes, and! The “What Happens Next?” Writers’ Workshop

Writers will engage in creative and expressive writing in a discussion and feedback oriented workshop. With a facilitator with expertise in both theatre and typical literature, these writers will be exposed to improvisation, team- writing, and personal portfolio work. Students will leave this course with several short works and skills to be applied in an array of future endeavors. These skills include writing revision, expanded strengths in vocabulary, and communication (speaking, listening, and leading) skills.


Have you ever had a voice inside your head that spoke of great adventures, amazing scenery, and relatable characters? Have you ever listened to music while in the car and created a magical world ruled by dragons, magic, and robots? Did you ever wonder what would happen if you wrote these stories down? Where would it lead you? How do the pages look like? This class will focus on creative story telling through your eyes and your imagination. Use the stories that are hidden inside your head, write them down, color them, and create a book that you can share and enjoy with those around you. Take the time to speak your truth and tell a modern day story and leads readers into the depths of your imagination.

Say Yes to Your Ideas

Do you ever get stuck in the writing process? Have you not completed (or started) a written assignment because you were worried that you wouldn't do well? Famous author Anne Lamott said, "I don't think you have time to waste not writing because you are afraid you won't be good enough at it." This class will help you with brainstorming and creative techniques that will help you with any kind of writing that you need or want to do.



$650 – Full Two Weeks Early Bird ($100 off if registered by May 1)

$750 – Full Two Weeks

$350 – One Week Only Early Bird ($50 off if registered by May 1)

$400 – One Week Only Full Price

Installment payments: 25% due:

  • April 1

  • May 1

  • June 1

  • July 1


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