2020 Summer Open Programs

We will not be hosting summer open programs this summer 2020.

Join a SJAWP teacher consultant and colleagues for productive, focused work in a writing and reading instruction topic for your grade level in a relaxing setting at SJSU.

All programs will be offered for two units of credit at $150 per unit, a total of $300. Participants can elect to add a third unit by writing an “extra credit” paper for $150 (a total of $450).Please note that Eventbrite tickets are distributed for event planning purposes, but all registration will take place on campus during the first day of each Summer Open Session. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be billed by SJSU Bursar’s Office

Jane Gilmore

SJAWP Co-director and author, Jane developed and teaches the Novel Writing Certificate Program. In addition, Jane is an experienced instructional coach with a passion for making writing engaging.

Why didn't anyone teach me this before

June 8 - 11, 2020, Monday - Thursday 

9:00 am - 3:15 pm

Teachers of Grades 3-12


One of the first things that many teachers turned writers say when they take writing classes to focus on their personal practice is, "Why didn’t anyone ever teach me this?" There is a gap between what is taught in schools and the trade secrets that successful writers use professionally. This class will close the gap and share tried and true lessons that come straight out of postgraduate writing courses, all of which have been used with students in grades 3-12.


Teachers will spend their mornings studying the craft moves that professional writers make before implementing these moves in pieces of their own writing. Teachers will also be given ample time to create plans for how they will incorporate these lessons into their classroom curriculum. From sentence to structure come learn the tricks of the trade. Take a class for yourself and grow as a writer to help your students do the same.

Martin Brandt

Marty teaches English at Independence High School in San Jose and has been a member of the San Jose Area Writing Project since 2004.

He is the author of Between the Commas: Sentence Instruction That Builds Confident Writers (and Writing Teachers), published by Heinemann.

June 15 - 18, 2020, Monday - Thursday

9:00 am - 3:15 pm

The admonition “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,” applies not only to music, but to writing. And how do we make our writing “swing”? It’s the sentence. The sentence is everything, contributing crucially to the readability of almost any text. And understanding the sentence is the key to working with your students in a way that leads to their growth and development as writers. 

But how do you teach “the sentence” without driving yourself and your students mad with boredom? In this workshop, Marty Brandt will pick up where his Heinemann book Between the Commas left off. We will further explore the “Three Pillars of Sentence Instruction”—Sentence Focus, Development, and Coherence—and discuss ways to weave these principles into both the work you assign your students and the way you respond to their errors. 

Aeriale Johnson

Launching Workshop Through a Lab School Experience

June 13 - 17, 2020, Monday - Friday 

9:00 am - 3:15 pm

Do you yearn to implement instructional practices that honor students' voices and choices while integrating standards into the curriculum? Do you want to meet all of your students where they are while nudging them to fulfill their potential as writers? Do you want to learn to implement powerful writing workshops while working directly with students, experienced teachers, and a knowledgeable coach? 


Join Aeriale Johnson, a veteran teacher and literacy specialist, for five days of rigorous study, real-time observation, and the opportunity to learn side-by-side with students and teachers. Walk away inspired and empowered to launch a workshop that turns your students into passionate, purposeful writers. 


Teachers who register for this Summer Open Program will attend an interactive workshop each morning. During the afternoon, they will choose to work at either Writing Workshop for incoming 4th-7th graders or Teen Writing Institute for 8th-12th graders..


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