Super Saturdays for Teachers

For PLC participants, meetings are to be moved online. Please keep an eye out for an email from your PLC lead.


  • February 1, 2020

  • March 7, 2020

  • April 4, 2020

Teachers may attend workshops of interest which are not their grade level assignment. 

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At Super Saturdays, teachers and students participate in the presenter’s workshop, which includes demonstration, mentor texts, engaging strategies, writing time, and sharing.

1-3 units of graduate credits available for $150 per unit. Look into our Credit Information options for more details.

Note to Coaches: Participate for free, attending with one of your mentees! Register and scroll to the bottom of the ticket option to select “FREE Mentor & Coaching Ticket.”

  • 9:30–10:00 am: Registration in Sweeney Hall Courtyard

  • 10:00–10:30 am: Pre-conference with teacher consultant on lesson objectives & plans

  • 10:30 am–12:30 pm: Participate in the Saturday Seminar with leader, other teachers and students

  • 12:30–1:00 pm: Debrief with the teacher consultant

Teachers & presenter preview lessons before the workshop and debrief after students leave.


Register online and save!

$30.00 per session (+ online processing fee)
$75.00 for all 3 sessions (+ online processing fee)

Walk In

Walk-in registration, to be paid by cash or check only.

No credit cards accepted.

$35.00 per session
$75.00 for all 3 sessions

Registration Fees

ESUHSD Teachers
Contact Jefferylynn Davis ( for the latest conference request form. Complete and submit that form before the workshop you plan to attend. The district will pay your registration fee only.


Primary/Elementary School Teachers

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Engaging Writing Through Sounds

February 1, 2020

Children hear sounds all around them and they make different sounds everyday (especially when you don’t want them too..haha). Why not use those sounds to help improve their writing! In this workshop you will learn how to make writing engaging and fun by using sounds and comic strips!

Lisa Rivera

1st Grade Teacher

Kathryn Hughes Elementary School

Creative Writing Inspired by Art

March 7, 2020

Art is a powerful and inspiring medium that compels us to imagine and create. Displaying works of art in a classroom can be a wonderful way to teach our students about beauty and creativity. By exposing our students to famous art pieces we can direct them to create stories related to a painting that connects with them.
In this workshop we will inspire students to create fantastic narratives based on a painting of their choice. They will have time to create their own characters, a setting, and a plot

Maria Rosas

2nd Grade Dual Immersion Teacher

Gabriela Mistral Elementary

Let's Explore Opinion Writing using Food

April 4, 2020

Opinion writing can be difficult to teach for many people. How do we get children to express an opinion in a meaningful paragraph writing? We will be using food topics to explore opinion writing and how to make it fun for kids. Come join me and discover the joy of teaching opinion writing. 

Jennifer Kim Baumgartner

2nd Grade Teacher

Pearl Zanker Elementary School


Elementary/Middle School Teachers

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Mary Williams

8th Grade English Teacher

15-year Veteran

Propagating Resilience

February 1, 2020

Looking for hope in all the right places - literature, poetry, and music


As teacher’s we know that to experience joy in our lives we must train our minds to think and remember the positive.
As teachers, crafting lessons that provide opportunities for students to practice grade-level reading, writing, speaking,  and listening standards is often a  challenge.  How about ensuring that the lesson plan is relevant and engaging?  A bit more difficult right?

In this workshop, you will be provided a standards-based lesson plan that is relevant and engaging. In this lesson, your students will be given the opportunity to self-reflect and compose pieces that will serve as reminders of the joys in their own lives. 

After completing this lesson with your own students you will have started a collection of student-developed resources on the topic of resilience - elasticity. Springing back into joy and happiness after adversity.

Jacqueline Goodwin

English Language Arts (Grade 8) & English Language Development (Grades 6-8) Teacher

Renaissance Academy at Fischer

Making Impact with Argument

March 7, 2020

If your students are anything like mine, they are ecstatic when they learn they will be starting an argument unit! They immediately want to know what their debate topics are and if they can choose them. They want to skip the writing altogether and dive straight into proving each other wrong. When they receive their first argument writing assignment, some eagerly commit to a position then lose interest when they actually have to show why they hold that position. Others claim they can’t form a position at all. As the argument writing unit progresses, I, too, start to lose energy, particularly as I read countless essays where students regurgitate claims they read, doing little to develop their own.

Can you relate to any of this? Deep down we know something isn’t working? But what is it exactly? Well, I’m finding that students need ongoing argumentative writing opportunities. In other words, their argument writing need not be limited to a single unit. Students need exposure to texts that go beyond pro and con. Students need to find their voice among “experts” they feel they cannot compete with. 


Join me as we work to engage in best practices for argument writing, practices that will grow students’ passion for argument writing and reclaim our excitement for the genre too!

Tiffany Lantz Hickman

7th Grade English Teacher & Yearbook Advisor

Blach School

What's In a Name?

April 4, 2020

We are all storytellers, and what better way to gain insight into a person than by learning the story of his/her name.  I’ll share mentor texts and key lessons that are part of a unit that asks students to think about the significance of their own name and work towards developing their writer’s voice.  Discover this high-interest, personal, creative writing unit that can be adapted to any grade level, and consistently produces the best writing amongst my students.


Middle/High School Teachers

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Teaching Students to Self-Assess with Writing Portfolios

February 1, 2020

Have you wanted to try using writing portfolios in your classroom but aren't sure where to start? I will be sharing some easy ways to begin a portfolio system in your classroom, and taking students through the "self-assess, reflect and revise, and set goals" practice that I use in my class. Teach your students to become their own "best critic"!

Jessica Asher

AP Literature & Composition, ERWC, ELA3 & ELD

Gonzales High School

"With A Little Help From My Friends"

March 7, 2020

How do you begin to turn your classroom into a community of readers and writers? With a heavy emphasis on carefully selected craft moves, as well as an open mind toward moves students see in any text, teachers can encourage writers to take risks in order to become more successful. Helping writers to break out of the shell of formulaic writing they may rely on, an eye on the craft of writing turns any reading into a mini-lesson as writers begin to see how things are put together in an environment that celebrates experimentation.

Todd Seal

English & AVID Teacher

Silver Creek High School

C3WP Argument Writing Echoes "Respectful Discourse for Change"

April 4, 2020

Get an inside look at the National Writing Project’s own College, Career and Community Writers Program that echoes the philosophy of helping students “create respectful discourse for change.” I’ll share valuable interactive strategies, text sets, and tools from the C3WP curriculum;  and further, share successes, and challenges I have had with my own students who encompass a wide range of reading and writing abilities.

Jan Goodspeed

9-12th Grade, English/Journalism Teacher

North Monterey County High School


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