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This week we feature lesson ideas from three highly experienced Teacher Consultants: River Brown, Jay Richards, and Todd Seal.

Writing Comics with K-8 Students

Teacher consultant and Co-Director of our Writing Workshop River Brown takes our youngest writers through the process of writing and drawing comics while using music for students to time themselves through the process.  As River says, this exercise is "for all ages, but children are the BEST cartoonists!" 

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6 Second Stories for 4-7 Students

San Carlos School District Teacher Consultant Jay Richards walks us through his process for writing 6 second stories with middle school students.  These personal narratives hone in on very small but impactful moments of our lives.  Imagine the inspiration students can draw from this moment in time!

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These Days Matter for 8-12 Students

East Side Union High School District Teacher Consultant Todd Seal reminds us of the importance of high school students writing as witnesses to this period of history.  He provides a new writing prompt and text for each day of the week, and uses students' personal experiences as a launching point for writing.

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