2021 Summer Writing Workshop.png

Summer Writing Workshop 2021


A week of writing for grades 4-7!

Monday, July 5 — Friday, July 9

Are you looking for a place to work on your creative writing skills in community with other writers and with teachers who love teaching writing as much as they love writing itself?  Join us online this summer for SJAWP’s Annual Writing Workshop. You will spend the day writing, sharing your writing, and getting to know other writers who will become friends. You will have a great time and become a better writer in the process!

Workshop Daily Schedule

All classes will take place synchronously, online via Zoom.

10:00 AM — Start
12:15PM - 1:00PM — Lunch Break
3:00 PM — End



Draw Write Draw Write: How Cartoons and Quick Writes Can Lead us into Fresh Ideas for Stories, Poems, and Memoirs

I don't know if this ever happened to you, but I often got in trouble for doodling when I was a kid in school.  And yet, now we understand more about the brain and learning, and know that many successful professional people doodle.  It is a fun creative process; one that we will play out across our week together -- in a safe space for trying new things and with kind collaboration with writer friends.
Taking the doodle to the next level, we'll do a variety of cartoon exercises from Making Comics, by Lynda Barry.

We'll be working with quick writes, free writes, observing life around us, getting down description, and capturing talk in quotes: combining all these writerly activities with one-minute and longer cartoons.  You may choose the forms that work best: A true story from your life [memoir], a fiction [invented story based on something you know], or poems. Maybe mix them?  You're the author!

Bring your fun-loving genius, some index cards, pens, and your favorite writing tool - journal, pad, laptop.


Goths and Geeks: Rebels of Poetry and Prose

Are you a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Percy Jackson? Do you enjoy reading and writing about the supernatural, the unexplained, or the distant future? If so, “Goths and Geeks: Rebels of Poetry and Prose” is the workshop for you!

Over the course of the week, we will read five different literary rebels in the genres of horror, fantasy, and science fiction; then, we will write our own stories and poems within those worlds (and beyond).


Creative Storytelling: Finding Our Voices Through Literature and the Arts

Calling all kids interested in writing, telling stories, and finding their voice! We will explore different genres of writing: short stories, poems, and fables/myths using music, drama, and art. We will study mentor texts for inspiration and create our own stories, poems, and myths.

Get your creative juices flowing and your pen/pencils ready for some summer fun and creativity!