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Super Saturdays for Students

Spring 2021 Super Saturday Completed


  • February 13, 2021

  • March 6, 2021

  • April 24, 2021

Registration Fees

Now online only

$20.00 per session
$40.00 for all 3 sessions


High School Students 8-12

Session 1: February 13
(Free Admission)

Author Talk

with Faith Gardner

Join us for an author talk with Faith Gardner about her latest novel, Girl On The Line: "A story that begins where too many others end, this stunningly written and unflinchingly authentic #ownvoices tale of love, loss, and hope will touch fans of All the Bright Places and Girl in Pieces."

Life’s tough when you didn’t expect to be living it. But now that Journey has a future, she apparently also has to figure out what that future’s supposed to look like.  Some days the pain feels as fresh as that day: the day she attempted suicide. Her parents don’t know how to speak to her. Her best friend cracks all the wrong jokes. Her bipolar II disorder feels like it swallows her completely.  But other days—they feel like revelations. Like meeting the dazzling Etta, a city college student who is a world unto herself. Or walking into the office of the volunteer hotline, and discovering a community as simultaneously strong and broken as she is.
Or uncovering the light within herself that she didn’t know existed.

Drop-in for Session 1: February 13

Session 2: March 6
Session 3: April 24
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From Page To Stage

with Arcadia Conrad

Oh, the drama! Oh the comedy! Or both! In this course, you’ll learn how to write a short play or film script. You’ll learn about the elements of drama and how each plays into writing a compelling and interesting story for dramatic production, and various ways to structure and format a script that actors and directors want to read, whether you want it to star live people, animated people, or even household objects. We’ll cover everything from different ways to handle plot, character, dialogue, imagery, sound effects, and theme by looking at examples from great plays and movies, how to get your ideas to come to life, and how to creatively and collaboratively work with other writers to get important feedback and move ideas from the imagination to the page. All levels of writer are welcome. If you have an idea you want to work on, or several, that is great! Even if you’re brand new to this style of writing, there will be a way for you to find a way to bring a story to life no matter where you are in the learning process.

Drop-in for Session 2 and 3