Professional Development Programs for Schools and Districts

Developing Teacher Expertise in Reading & Writing

SJAWP inservice programs for teaching of writing and literature are available to schools and districts in our region. SJAWP teacher consultants collaboratively working with school and district personnel design thoughtful programs to ensure that teaching strategies demonstrated will address the teachers’ concerns and will contribute to the long–range plans of the school.


SJAWP assists schools or districts to meet LCAP goals for literacy with a focus on writing: A partial list of topics

  • Teacher training in writing for the Common Core

  • Writing instruction that supports English Language Learners

  • Conferencing and assessing writers to inform instruction

  • Writing with academic vocabulary across content areas

  • Anchor 10: How to put the writing process into action daily

  • Coaching teachers who are launching writing workshop

  • Guided reading: how to leverage writing about reading for comprehension

To Arrange a Workshop Series

Workshop series are generally three or more meetings ranging from two hours to several full–day sessions.

  • $250/hour: up to 20 participants

  • $300/hour: 20–30 participants

  • $350/hour: 30+ participants

Additional substitute–release and handout fees may be incurred.

Please contact us at or call (408) 924–4412 to discuss a plan that meets the needs of your school/district.