Our Founder


Since April 2020, we have mourned the loss of Dr. Jonathan Lovell, Professor Emeritus from San Jose State University, where he was Director of the San Jose Area Writing Project and  Co-Director of the English Education Program. In 1988, Dr. Lovell founded SJAWP, and was still director upon his passing. SJAWP Teacher Consultant Andrew Waddell writes, “Dr. Lovell could have sat comfortably in the ivory tower, but he preferred life in the trenches with us lowly public school teachers. He seemed to know every education guru as a personal friend, but he treated suburban kindergarten teachers and folks trying to get junior high kids to quit shooting spitwads with exactly as much esteem. . .” A relentless advocate, his passion was “tilting my lance against the so-called ‘educational reform movement,’ a movement that threatens to undermine public confidence in our public schools.” Dr. Lovell will be missed most especially because he was a generous mentor, revered colleague, and compassionate friend.