First Annual Jonathan Lovell Commemorative Writing Celebration


Celebrate Jonathan Lovell!

April 24, 2021

1:00pm - 2:30pm

How do we best commemorate the life of Jonathan Lovell—the powerful impact he had as a teacher, professional mentor, writer, and friend? Perhaps we should ask ourselves what Jonathan would have us do. For all of us who knew and loved him, the answer is obvious: we write.

Join the San Jose Area Writing Project for our first annual writing celebration of the life of Jonathan Lovell, where we will rejoice at what he left us: the confidence in our own voice and our understanding that, given the freedom and opportunity, we each have something powerful and important to say.

There will be room for tears, but also for smiles laughter as we write whatever we feel, in that way that Jonathan encouraged us to do: Pick up a pen or pencil. Open up your laptop or notebook. Write. See what happens. Share it with an elbow partner or read it for the whole group. Remember Jonathan and the joy of writing with friends.

This is a free event but donations to the San Jose Area Writing Project can be made in Jonathan's honor upon registration with Eventbrite.  All registrants will receive a zoom link 24 hours in advance of the writing celebration.